Cyber Security is about more than just tech

The fallacious belief that Information Security is only a technology issue and that it can be addressed through IT is an extreme impediment toward winning the cyber war that is currently raging.

Let’s say you own a business and have a fleet of delivery vehicles to deliver products to your clients. As your business grows so does your delivery fleet and one day, it is brought to your attention that there are risks associated with your growing delivery efforts which you had not fully considered. In response, you contact a local mechanic to look into your fleet of delivery vehicles and to report to you what those risks may be and how best to mitigate them.

If that seems like the wrong move then why is it so many business owners and senior managers think only of IT when the issue of Information Security is broached. Information risk management is no more about IT than fleet risk management is about vehicle mechanics. There is a very important IT component, just as good brakes are critical to safe fleet operations, however, that is just one piece of the pie. Delivery drivers must be fully trained, just as those who deal with information must be properly trained. Driver safety policies must be put into action, just as information policies must be. And, of course, no business would operate a fleet without proper insurance and no business that utilizes sensitive or critical information in their operations should be without some level of cyber insurance. Business owners and managers need to start considering information at a higher level than just the physical technology that houses and transfers the information. Those who do not will continue to feed the cybercriminal element and place themselves, their clients and their vendors at risk.

At Cyber Forward, we team with our clients to construct a fully orbed view of their Information Security risks, from which a comprehensive Information Security stance is established and maintained. With decades of experience fighting the cyber war as part of the military and the private sector, our team stands ready and able to help you move your Information Security readiness to the next level.

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